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Follow your Heart and your Dreams. Pursue your vision of making your dreams come true. After all, there are no impossible dreams.

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Time is on Your Side

Re-awaken your childhood dreams 
Manifest them into reality today!
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Meet Linda

Linda J. Wagner is an educator, writer, and poet. She has authored two children's picture books of original faerie tales, The Maiden's Journey and Other Tales of Magical Creatures, and Faeries at Midnight and Other Magical Tales. She is a rising creator and inspirational personality. Miss Wagner wants to inspire women to pursue their hearts' desires and make their dreams come true.


Explore Our Selection of Books

In the classical tradition of literary excellence, this collection of original faerie tales is reminiscent of many familiar tales of centuries ago. These stories will take the reader on magical journeys of wonder! We hope you enjoy our books.

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Praise for The Maiden's Journey and Other Tales of Magical Creatures

"I purchased "Faeries at Midnight" and "The Maiden's Journey" for my grandchildren and for myself!  The stories are magical and lovely.  They take you away to a mindset of lighthearted wonder.  My grandchildren love them and so do I.  The bonuses of lesson plans and activities at the end of each book are great for students and book clubs!  Linda J. Wagner is a wonderful writer of original children's faerie tale books."

- Diane Cartwright -
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