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Time is on Your Side, Re-awaken your Childhood Hopes, Dreams, and Wishes

Free 3 day mini-course! This begins a path toward a journey to inspire you to create a vision to make your dreams a reality. Revisit those long ago forgotten hopes, dreams, and wishes, and watch them unfold in your life.

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Faeries and Magical Creatures Workshop

The phenomena of faeries and magical creatures is an
intriguing topic to explore. Learn the true story of the origin of faeries and other magical creatures and how they are recognized today in different cultures. You will also learn how they are accepted, even embraced, in some cultures. As a bonus, you will be guided in how to create faerie villages and dwellings. Go to the contact page and sign up to learn more.

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Creative Writing Workshop

This workshop will guide you to create stories, poems, plays, even fictional novels.  You will learn and practice through guided lessons the process of developing creative writing.  Go to the contact page and sign up to learn more. 

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