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Making Your Dreams Come True

3-Day Mini-Course "Making Your Dreams Come True"

I am here to tell you almost every dream I have had since childhood has come true for me, in some way shape or form. There was a point “growing up” when I stopped dreaming and began planning my life to what others’ expectations were, what I thought I “should” want.

After years of disappointment and still not “pleasing” others, I finally returned to my long ago forgotten childhood dreams. I have followed a plan for 10 years now, actually unwittingly, not even knowing that I was bringing my dreams to reality. Enough was enough!

I came to understand a few years ago that I was naturally manifesting my hopes, dreams, and wishes! All the prayers, the daydreams, the diary entries, the conversations with myself, created an epiphany over time. I came to an awareness that I was actually making or going to make them happen, with the help of God and the blessings of the universe!

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